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As a 100% pure, natural and mineral-rich product, word is spreading fast about the incredible benefits of using Moroccan ghassoul lava clay. It’s high silica content make it an ideal detoxifying cleanser, facial mask, and total body conditioner. It can reduce dryness and impurities, as well as improving skin elasticity and unblocking pores, including stubborn blackheads.
100% pure and organic Moroccan Rhassoul (Ghassoul) Clay. Meticulously selected and mined from ancient mineral-rich deposits found deep within the fertile Atlas Mountains.
Carefully mix this rejuvenating clay with water until a soft homogeneous consistency is obtained. Then apply to your skin or hair as desired and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Rhassoul Clay is used to cleanse, nourish and condition your skin and hair. Add Poppy Austin® Rose Water for an all-natural detoxifying face mask.

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