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Argan Oil

At Poppy Austin we embrace the sacredness of steep tradition, the value of handmade, and the purity of nature.

It is at the epicenter of all this goodness that we find argan oil, and with it a reputation of being heralded as miracle oil or liquid gold, monikers that would have died out long ago were it not for being true.

All it takes is a single use to find one’s self captivated by this magic in a bottle. Hailing from the golden plains of Morrocco, argan oil’s age­ defying, hydrating and healing properties have not only been around for centuries, but for millennia; a true test of character, quality and time of a formula derived from nature and unmatched in simplicity by anythnig man could create.

Three and a half thousand years since the Phoenicians first began tapping into argan oil’s mystical powers to rejuvenate their skin amid the dry and arid lands of the Phoenician Empire, its secrets are slowly being unlocked and developed for modern women to delight in.

Anti­-aging properties in a lightweight and quick to absorb oil

In this enlightened age, the thought of adding oil to our hair and skincare regime can understandably seem like taking steps back, by going against almost everything the cosmetic industry recommends as being good for us.

Yet the clue there lay in argan oil’s purity. While overly processed or refined cosmetic oils have been known to harm more than help. Many users of olive oil, for example, have recorded break­outs of acne or blackheads as a result of clogged pores.

Without a viable alternative, moisturizer manufacturers tend to resist over using oil, or at least advertising the fact readily.

Argan oil, on the other hand, could not be more different. For one, it is a truly superior product to olive oil in its purest composition, as is the case with our entire collection of argan ­based Poppy Austin products.

Secondly, with the use of even the most modest amounts applied to your hair, skin or nails, you’ll see quite quickly why it has become the most sought after anti-­aging product on the market.

But results alone does not sensationally product make. The beauty of argan oil is its clever versatility. In fact, argan oil has a vast array of natural beauty uses. These include:

On your hair

  • Smooth, silky, shinny hair from roots to tips. Perfect for split ends, tangles, and general roughness.
  • Use as an intensive hair repair treatment from daily blow drying, straightening and curling.
  • No need to continually cut frizzy or damaged hair. Bring it back to life in just a few days. Massage gently into your scalp once a week to moisturize a dry, flaky head.

On your skin

  • Freshen, soften and hydrate your entire body, including problems areas such as hands, elbows and knees.
  • Eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles by boosting your skin’s moisture retention.
  • Sooth psoriasis, eczema and, converse to what you’d expect of an oil, significantly combat acne. Make your face glow with elasticity and firmness, absorbing quickly without a greasy residue.

The all in one hair and skincare product

Many of the ingredients that the cosmetic industry have sought to sythetically weave into their anti­-aging products are naturally present in argan oil. Yet until recently, argan oil has remained surprisingly under­marketed and underused in America and the majority of western Europe.


Because with just one bottle of argan oil in your cosmetic armoury, you can do without so many others, to the dismay of producers everywhere vying for your attention and cabinet space.

Just stop and think for a minute about the number of different moisturizers, conditioners, anti­aging serums and frizz­ control products cluttering up your bathroom shelves.

These are all meant to fight against signs of aging in some way, but are they not just synthetic substitutes, with little to no evidence of their apparent effectiveness?

Dry, tangled, lifeless hair affects men and women of all ages and is a regular staple in the marketing press. Fine lines, saggy under­eyes, the T-zone and deeply ensconced laughter lines may well reflect the illustrious lifestyle you’ve led, but they also imprint an age in the mind’s eye of new people you meet.

With SPF-­boosting properties, a miraculous make up that no other 100% organic product can match and a method of production protected by the Berber women of Morocco for centuries over, it’s no wonder argan oil has been kept a beauty secret from the West for all of this time.

Spoiling such a good thing, as we are known to do, would be a crying shame.

Beware of cheap imitations

It’s very important that when you buy argan oil it is clearly marked as cold­ pressed, 100% organic argan oil (or 100% argania spinosa kernel oil).

There are many products available that claim to be argan oil, using cleverly worded marketing to make you think you’re buying this genuinely crafted luxury product, as it were a Parisian Louis Vuitton.

Don’t be fooled.

Scientific tests have shown that as soon as you start to dilute argan oil with fillers and binders, its age­-defying benefits are significantly reduced. Just like watching fresh strawberries wither away from their red vibrancy and sweetness the day of picking.

Not only do these tactics prevent you from enjoying the full hydrating qualities of argan oil in it’s purest form, but by buying less expensive, less potent skin care products, you are in effect damaging the sustainability of the argan tree and the Berber women who, thanks to Fair Trade Cooperative Trusts set up specifically for them:

  • earn a liveable wage
  • are presented with business opportunities they’d otherwise not be
  • have assess to a qualified education system for their children can continue to produce the argan oil product trusted by generations of Moroccans

To learn more about the production of argan oil, the Berber women and the trusts that receive a percentage of every product you buy from Poppy Austin, please visit this page.

We have also produced a series of articles and video tutorials highlighting the evolution of argan oil and the deliberately underhand tactics certain companies use to entice you into buying cheap, low quality argan­ based products.

If you take away a newfound insight today, let it be this: A statement that sums up our commitment to the Berber women of Morocco and underlines your intention to look your very best.

“Felling good counts, looking good matters.”

Thank you for your interest in Poppy Austin.

Sarah Smith

Photo Credits - (Header) CC: ‘Untitled’ by Valetina Manjarrez
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