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Privacy Policy

Poppy Austin Limited, trading as Poppy Austin Organics, wish to protect and uphold the privacy of all visitors to our website.

Whether you are browsing the vast stock of cosmetic editorial and beauty related articles, watching our video tutorials or placing an order for our 100% organic cold-pressed argan oil.

Together with our terms and conditions, this privacy policy helps to form the contract between us. Moreover, it details further the steps we have taken to respect and secure the personal information you choose to disclose to us during your visit.

This could be as a result of an e-mail sign up, comment on an article or unique identifying information necessary to complete a purchase of our cosmetic products.

Specifically, this may include your forename, surname, cell/mobile number, home phone number, e-mail address, home address and credit or debit card information.

The Legal Centre (UK) has reviewed this privacy policy and approved its content. Should changes in the law necessitate any aspect of the document to be updated or amended, we are obliged to do so on legal grounds but are under no obligation to advise you that the conditions have changed.

As we value the custom and privacy of everyone who visits our website, we recommend that you return to this page from time to time to ensure that you are comfortable with any amendments we have had to make since your last visit, if applicable.

These amendments will be added into the content and will not be attached as an appendix.

How Poppy Austin uses your data

Having read of our intention to become and maintain a position as market leader in the global argan oil supply chain, you perhaps already understand that we are constantly striving to improve our service.

In order for us to deliver a customer experience that is second to none, we may store and process the information provided to us on your visit where legal parameters permit us to do so.

The data we gather may then be used in the following ways, but only for the promotion of our website, product and services in the spirit that the information was collected, to:

  • send you updates about your order, comments or any grievances you may have raised

  • provide you with e-mail broadcasts containing the latest news, views and gossip from the industry, as well as stock availability and lead times

  • occasionally ask for your feedback in relation to your experience here on poppyaustin.com or with your order and subsequent fulfilment via amazon.com

  • process and verify your subscription to our news or comment feeds for the videos, podcasts and articles we produce on a weekly basis

  • analyse and dissect visitor behaviour on our website so that we may enhance our service and overall customer experience for your future visits

We have partnered only with quality, relevant suppliers and distributors to bring the purest argan oil from Morocco to the market. Where we have created such JV partnerships, it maybe of mutual benefit to share your information.

In cases like this, or if Poppy Austin is acquired by another entity in the natural course of business, it is usual to collaborate on shared information of this nature.

With the exception of the above circumstances, we will never disclose your personal information for our own financial benefit nor for further distribution without first seeking your prior consent to do so.

Keeping your information safe

The majority of personal information passed from your PC/Tablet/Laptop/Mobile device to our organisation will be stored on our own secure servers, or on those of our email manager, Aweber. A minority may be printed and stored in equally secure manual filing systems.

No one can absolutely guarantee the delivery of digital information securely over the Internet due to its nature. Rest assured however, that we take privacy seriously and have done everything feasibly possible to ensure that both your information and ours is securely handled at all times.

As well as digitally protected electronic files, we have security conscious staff, all of whom have their data stored on our servers. They process inquiries as if they were handling their own personal information and exercise extreme caution when accessing your data.

Our integrity as a business is as important to us as your confidentiality; we would never knowingly do anything that would compromise either. This includes only keeping your information on file as long as the law permits.

Using cookies to deliver a fully operational website

In order for our website and it's associated code and plug ins to display optimally on your computer, our servers need to understand what operating system you are using upon each visit.

As is the case with most internet browsing, poppyaustin.com deposits a temporary file known as a cookie to relay this information back to our server. This enables our website to load and display efficiently, as well as collecting data such as the browser you are using, your computer’s IP address, its operating system and the time and date of your visit.

It also allows us to spot trends such as mobile views, laptop or tablet views and what parts of our website you find interesting. We can then analyse this data to improve and fine tune the content on poppyaustin.com, by tailoring it to suit your individual preferences.

It is not compulsory for you to accept cookies and you can turn these off in your firewall settings. By doing so however, there may be certain pages of poppyaustin.com that do not display correctly, with some sections being completely inaccessible without utilizing the information that cookies collect.

Privacy policy updates and amendments

Both the laws governing the way in which websites display and collect information and continual advancements in technology mean that online e-commerce store such as ours are evolving all of the time.

Whilst many updates are minor, every now and again a significant legislative or technological change can affect the way we do business online.

By gathering information about your use of our website, enforced changes to the way we operate may be highlighted as conflicting with your viewing history. We may therefore feel obliged to contact you by e-mail advising you of these updates.

Similarly, your circumstances may change over time. If you switch email or home address or change any of your contact details, please feel free to advise us so that we can update our records. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on new product alerts, exclusive invitations and any special subscriber-only promotions that we may run from time to time.

Comments and feedback

Are there certain aspects you love about Poppy Austin and our website? Are there areas we vastly need to improve upon? Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Personal recommendations have contributed significantly to our success. So if you have found our products, story or company ethos inspiring, please do share poppyaustin.com with your friends.

If there’s something you would like to point out beforehand, you may wish to contact our customer service team who will do their utmost to deal with any enquiries you raise quickly and efficiently.

Removing your information from our servers

Not everyone wants to be contacted by email, for a whole host of reasons. So if you would prefer not to receive updates from Poppy Austin, simply write to:

Poppy Austin Limited

Windsor House, Greville Road, Bristol, BS3 1LL. United Kingdom

Tell us about the specific information you would like removing from our database and, where we are able to beyond our legal commitments to the relevant government bodies, we will erase that information from our servers immediately.

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