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Organic Principles

Our ethos is straightforward and simple. Poppy Austin strives to source pure argan oil in natural, organic and sustainable ways.

We believe in a healthy and holistic lifestyle using pure ingredients that can be trusted. If you are interested in our products, we know that it's because quality is of the upmost importance to you. We share your concern and take extra care to make sure that our cosmetic oils and serums are ethically made to a quality that we are proud of and that our customers will certainly appreciate.

We believe that argan oil speaks for itself­. It is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants that will leave your hair and skin nourished and protected. Its effectiveness will prove itself to you over and over again. It is a product that will simplify your beauty routine and leave you looking youthful.

We also believe that bringing a high end product onto the market supports and celebrates the communities that live in the heart of Southwestern Morocco and that harvest this magnificent earthly commodity. In the hottest parts of summer, these communities gather argan fruits that have fallen from the trees in ripe readiness. Once the small green fruit has been picked up, it is brought back to the villages where it is left out in the sun for several weeks so that the flesh can be easily peeled away to reveal the argan nuts.

At this point the process is nearly half accomplished as the only way to properly crush the nuts to remove the kernels is by hand. Each fragile kernel is then removed from the nut where it is then sent to be pressed and refined. We have picked a method of refinery that ensures the preservation of our products quality and naturalness. It is after the refinery process that the oil is then bottled and shipped for sale.

Most importantly we know that, from harvesting to production, hard work pays off. We believe that once you try our product you will most certainly agree. In our eyes, true luxury lay in the purity and simplicity of what Mother Nature provides unadulterated. That's the Poppy Austin way.

Take a moment to browse our collection of all natural argan oil.

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